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Passion is currently the only non-detailing product of the Aensō line. It is a carbonated, high caffeine content energy drink, made especially for Aensō. Passion is not a re-label of a classic energy
drinks and exhibits a different taste to most other brands, offering a recognizable experience, that
customers can identify with the Aensō product line.


With its high content of caffeine, vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 and plant extracts including guarana,
green tea, schisandra, damiana and others, Passion boosts energy levels, required at times of
intense physical and mental activity - for example detailing vehicles.


It comes in a common 250ml aluminum drink can with a high quality 3 dimensional direct to surface print with partially UV lacquered Aensō logotypes on the background.


The Aensō Passion energy drink is available for separate sales at events, gas stations, food stores,
detailing shops and other outlets.

Passion Energy Drink 250ml

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