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Looking for a gift idea for a car enthusiast? Look no further than the Full Interior Car Cleaning Kit from Aenso, featuring top quality professional car care products. This comprehensive set includes Core, iclean, Pureview, and Smellike Air Freshener, as well as Aenso energy drink and free accessories to help get the job done. With this kit, you'll be able to give your car's interior a deep clean and leave it smelling fresh and new. Order now and experience the difference Aenso can make in your car care routine.


What's inside:


PUREVIEW - Pureview glass cleaner cleans exterior and interior glass of motor vehicles without leaving any smears behind. Unlike other products, Pureview glass cleaner is strong enough to remove nicotine and tar films in smoker’s cars as well as bugs, traffic film and grime with a crystal clear finish.


How to use?


Spray glass cleaner on glass and wipe away with a clean microfiber towel in straight lines. If required, wipe smear free with another microfiber towel.


CORE - Core is a next generation interior detailer with cleaning abilities, that can be used to clean and protect the interior of motor vehicles in one step. Core will safely remove dust and dirt and introduce a state-of-the-art anti static effect to the surface. It will mildly enhance the color of interior plastics, leaving a smear free, satin finish behind. Core can safely be applied to displays and touchscreens.


How to use?


Spray on a microfiber towel and wipe the surface until clean and smear free. If required, use another microfiber towel to wipe excess product away.


ICLEAN - A gentle, yet powerful multipurpose cleaner for the interiors of motor vehicles. Aenso iClean is suitable for cleaning of carpets, upholstery as well as plastics, dashboards and others. iClean is not recommended for the cleaning of leather and displays.


How to use?


Spray on desired surface and agitate with a soft brush or microfiber towel. A rigid brush may be used for upholstery and carpets or if more thorough cleaning is required. Work in sections. Wipe away with a microfiber towel. An extractor may be used. Do not leave to dry on surface!


SMELLIKE AIR FRESHENER - A fine blend of aromatic oils, this Smellike will bring the scent of the Aenso products into the interior of your vehicle. Smellike will continue to release its fragrance gradually over days, and will last up to several weeks. A water based emulsion, it contains no heavy solvents.


How to use?


Spray inside a vehicle and enjoy. Applying to textile surfaces like carpets will prolong the effect. Do not spray directly on hard surfaces like plastic, glass or on leather. Wipe away if needed.


Additionaly in this package you will find Aenso energy drink, triggers to use with the bottles and some accesories for the job.


Please note the colour of the towel may vary.


Full Interior Car Cleaning Kit

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