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Our Exterior and Interior Car Cleaning Kit is the ultimate gift set for car enthusiasts who want to maintain their vehicle's pristine appearance. Our high-quality products are suitable for both professional and domestic use. The kit includes the most sought-after car detailing products, such as Isern, One, Primeuse, Orbit sample, Polaris sample, and Gleam for exterior cleaning, and Core, Smellike, Pureview, and accessories for interior cleaning. The kit also comes with a bonus Aenso Energy Drink to keep you energized while you clean your car. Get ready to give your car the ultimate cleaning experience with our Car Cleaning Kit.


What's inside:


ISERN - Isern is a highly concentrated wheel cleaner that cleans and turns iron deposits purple. It will safely remove brake dust and road grime from wheels, brake calipers and other surfaces, without removing waxes, coatings or sealants applied to them. Isern leaves a clean, degreased and smear free surface behind. It is safe for bare metal wheels.


How to use?


Spray on surface and leave to react. If needed, agitate with a soft brush. Wash away with a pressure washer. Do not leave to dry on surface! Do not apply on tires!


PRIMEUSE - Primeuse is a concentrated degreaser, used on heavily soiled surfaces before washing. It helps to loosen deposits of road grime, salt and grease. Primeuse is used on the exterior and engine bays of motor vehicles.


How to use?


Spray on soiled surface and leave to react. If required, agitate with a soft brush. Wash away with pressure washer. This product can be added to Aenso snow foams and Aenso One shampoo to boost their performance. Do not leave to dry on the surface!


ONE - One is a pure car shampoo without any silicons or waxes added. Unique in its formulation it is specially designed for the maintenance of high quality ceramic coatings. The outstanding cleaning power of One will remove dirt, grime, soil, insects and degrease the surface of the vehicle, thus cleaning andmaintaining the ceramic coating applied on it.


How To use?


Add 3-4ml of car shampoo per liter of water in a washing bucket and foam up with hose or pressure washer. Add more product for better cleaning power or more foam. Wash the vehicle with a wash mitt using the two bucket method. Do not leave to dry on the surface! Wash away with pressure washer.


POLARIS sample - Polaris is a universal snow foam, capable of softening dirt and other contamination on the surfaces of motor vehicles. Depending on dosage, it can be gentle enough for regular maintenance of vehicles protected with waxes, yet powerful enough to strip heavy contamination off the car at higher concentration.


How to use?


Add 1ml of Polaris snow foam to 10ml of water in a foam lance and mix well until dissolved. Spray foam on car and leave to react. Wash away with pressure washer. Do not leave snow foam to dry on surface!


GLEAM - Gleam is a unique quick detailer, that combines ease of use with outstanding performance. It adds protection and gloss to the surface, enhances color and makes it appallingly smooth to touch. On paint, Gleam will also remove fine scratches. It’s smear free finish will last for 8 and more weeks, depending on washing frequency and usage of the vehicle. Gleam can be applied to paint, glass and exterior plastics.


How to use? 


Spray on the surface and wipe with a new, good quality microfiber towel until shiny and smear free. Do not leave to dry on surface!


ORBIT sample - Orbit is a tire dressing that give a satin, natural finish on the tire of the vehicle. It’s non-greasy formulation will make the product absorb into the surface quickly, thus eliminating product flyoff while driving after application. Orbit is water based and can therefore be applied on wet tires without creating maps (you should still dry the tire as much as you can). It will not make the tire slippery.


How to use?


Apply to the surface of the tire and spread out evenly. Let sit until absorbed. Excess can be wiped off with a microfiber towel.


PUREVIEW - Pureview glass cleaner cleans exterior and interior glass of motor vehicles without leaving any smears behind. Unlike other products, Pureview glass cleaner is strong enough to remove nicotine and tar films in smoker’s cars as well as bugs, traffic film and grime with a crystal clear finish.


How to use?


Spray glass cleaner on glass and wipe away with a clean microfiber towel in straight lines. If required, wipe smear free with another microfiber towel.


CORE - Core is a next generation interior detailer with cleaning abilities, that can be used to clean and protect the interior of motor vehicles in one step. Core will safely remove dust and dirt and introduce a state-of-the-art anti static effect to the surface. It will mildly enhance the color of interior plastics, leaving a smear free, satin finish behind. Core can safely be applied to displays and touchscreens.


How to use?


Spray on a microfiber towel and wipe the surface until clean and smear free. If required, use another microfiber towel to wipe excess product away.


SMELLIKE AIR FRESHENER - A fine blend of aromatic oils, this Smellike will bring the scent of the Aenso products into the interior of your vehicle. Smellike will continue to release its fragrance gradually over days, and will last up to several weeks. A water based emulsion, it contains no heavy solvents.


How to use?


Spray inside a vehicle and enjoy. Applying to textile surfaces like carpets will prolong the effect. Do not spray directly on hard surfaces like plastic, glass or on leather. Wipe away if needed.


Additionaly in this package you will find Aenso energy drink, triggers to use with the bottles and some accesories for the job.



Exterior and Interior Car Cleaning Kit

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